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Holiday in Wales

Just back from a family holiday in Borth, Wales. As always I try to pick a place thats got plenty for the kids to do and also a little something for me and my camera!

Wales pretty much has it all, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, beachs etc etc we ventured a little futher down and stayed near Aberystwyth. We visited the Devils Bridge waterfall, a three tier bridge and a three tier waterfall. Its hard work trying to get the blurred motion shots with two little ones wanting to explore, but I managed a few which I'll put on the site once they are ready.

We also did the mountain train in Aberystwyth so tried out my new 10-20mm Sigma lens, great lens but will take a bit of getting used to as the distortion can be pretty crazy, especially at 10mm, but that just means I'll have to practice more!

Best part for me was being on the West coast I got to shoot the sunsets over the sea, again with the Sigma 10-20mm, tried various shots but the above photo is a shot I have been after for a while and I'm pretty pleased with the result!

Next family holiday, Scotland Hmmm!

#sunset #borth #wales #beach

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