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I'm Back!

Have been a bit neglectful of my site for a while but I've now added a load more new pictures and now intend to keep up to it and not letting the work pile up!

My last trip out was to try and photograph the Solar Eclipse.

Cheshire Cat

It was cloudy and I wasn't sure what kind of shots I would be able to get so I picked a location that had other things to offer just in case so I headed into the Yorkshire Dales to Bolton Abbey. As I arrived it was in full swing and the clouds were just clearing enough to get the odd glimpse so it was a case of tripod out and snap away as I wasn't sure how long the breaks would last. I used my 70-300 and a x2 teleconvertor for this shot.

Bolton Abbey & the River Wharfe

I was planning on trying to get some long exposure shots of the abbey and the river Wharfe but got far too carried away with the eclipse and it was all bright again by the time I'd gotten into position. Luckily the river was nice and calm so still managed to get some nice reflections

Posforth Gill

The main reason I chose Bolton Abbey was even if the weather turned cloudy there's the Valley of Desolation with the lovely Posforth Gill waterfall. Its quite a good time of year as all the bramble hadn't grown back yet so I could access parts of the stream that are normally hard to get too. So tripod out again for some long exposure fun. All in all a cracking day out!

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