Mountain man

Went for a trip with my good friend Gareth (GHZ Photography) to Wales to take some pictures, climb a mountain and generally get away from it all for a couple of days. So we headed off into the wilds of Snowdonia. Things didnt start off too well, with some serious tent issues (a missing pole) but with some Heath Robinson engineering I managed to get it erected (no sniggering in the back) and off we set up the long path (Llanberis route - the easiest - I'm a bit out of shape!). we got really lucky with the weather, it wasn't a crystal clear day but good enough for some great views, clicking as we went. 5 hours later we were at the summit drinking very expensive, but very needed, water! As the last train had gone we walked back down the train track and managed to get back to the tent just after the sun had gone down, the night was dissending a lot quicker than we were! The plan was to do some astrophotography, but my legs wouldnt move anymore and to be honest I just wanted to sit down. A rubbish night sleep followed by a drizzly grey morning we headed off home. But a really fun day and I managed to climb a mountain, one tick for the bucket list :)

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